Prairie Donair

“When we first reached out to Prairie Sign we had already purchased signs for 3 of our franchises from a different vendor. Initially, we were only concerned with getting the best price. Shortly after our initial consultation with Prairie Sign, we received a very detailed explanation of how to select materials that would better broadcast our brand. Our logo wasn’t changed in any way, only the materials and method of fabricating. At first, we were sceptical how different materials could affect the impact of our brand. We were so impressed with the quality and delivery of the first project we have signed an exclusive agreement with Prairie Sign for all our future locations…15 and counting!“

-Joshua Bagchi, President/CEO, Prairie Donair

We standardized the storefront to maintain consistent branding throughout Prairie Donairs the rapid development across western Canada in 2020. Standardizing the specification allowed us to lower costs while maintaining the highest quality components. This helped us cut our lead time from 4-6 weeks down to 3-5 business days.


Face and Halo Lit, Pre-Construction inspections, Electrical hookups